Hi there.


A decade after culinary school, I rediscovered my passion for food. When not cooking in my tiny kitchen, find me at a farmer's market or farm in the Pacific Northwest and tending to my first-ever vegetable garden. 

My mission is to encourage you to create your own meals wherever you live, to try cooking with new ingredients, and to gather around the table with new friends and old.

While my recipes use local ingredients, they are inspired by global travel and cuisines. By using seasonal produce and free-range meats you are guaranteed to yield the best flavor. And when you support a small business, an actual human jumps for joy when you place an order. Please support local in your part of the world. We can all contribute to the circular food economy so that generations to come will also enjoy wholesome foods, too. Supporting local agriculture contributes to a more vibrant community and a healthier and more nutritious body for you and your family. 


X Pilar Paris